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Live life with no excuses. Travel with no regret.  - Oscar Wilde

A lot of people travel happily without insurance — until one day, their vacation is ruined by an unexpected disaster. Aha, they realize. This is why people buy travel insurance. Check out just a few reasons below why you should consider purchasing travel insurance.

Why Purchase Travel Insurance?

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Medical Emergencies

Because emergencies overseas can be super expensive, and domestic health insurance plans may not cover you in other countries. Travelers who suffer a serious injury or illness overseas can end up with six-figure bills, should they have to pay out of pocket for complex medical treatment or an emergency medical evacuation.

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Golden Line as part of YouNique Travel Branding

Because when things go wrong on a trip, travel insurance can help make it right. Problems like lost bags, delayed trains, canceled flights and missed connections happen all the time. Travel insurance can reimburse you for covered losses and make sure you get where you’re going.

Because the unexpected can happen at anytime. If you're trip is interrupted, you want to be made financially whole and reimbursed for unexpected expenses.

Because we pay for travel with our hard earned money. No one wants to lose money we’ve spent if we’re forced to cancel a trip at the last minute.

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